Elevating Crypto Investment Experience


Koindex is a Japanese crypto exchange launching in Turkey designed with a vision to elevate crypto investment experience, by removing uncertainty, high risk and offer a steady gain through its native token KOIN.
It aims to improve crypto investing experience with its clean, simple user interfaces offering a human-human-centric and intuitive investing experience.

The name derived from a fish group named ‘KOI’ well known as a Japanese symbol for wealth and prosperity. The symmetrical movement of two KOI represents a state of Balance and Harmony. An abstraction forms as they rotate into each other and shape a symbol similar to the Yin-Yang, which stands for opposite or contrary forces being complementary, and interdependent in the natural world.

Every interaction and every interface within Koindex is easy to understand and clear for every user. Koindex users never get lost or find trouble to understand what can be done or where to go from any point within the service.

Koindex offers the best in class investing experience. Its founders, advisors, engineers and designers are highly experienced in blockchain & crypto systems and reflect this knowledge in every detail of the service.

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