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Let’s Create Something
Amazing Together.

Stocks, Metals, Crypto, NFT’s. Invest In All with Elefant.

Your Portfolio can have both traditional (Stocks, Metals) and new generation investing instruments (Bitcoin, Ethereum) together.

Exchange Anything To Anything

You can sell Gold and buy Bitcoin, or sell Ethereum and buy Tesla stocks. You can exchange anything on your portfolio with zero commissions.

Trade 7/24.

Markets shut down, but Internet does not. Therefore, Elefant’s trading services are accesible 7/24.

Start Your Portfolio Even With 1$.

At Elefant you can buy a fraction of an asset. Let’s say the stock price of a Fortuna 100 company is 100$. Even with just 1$ you can purchase 0,01 shares and start building your portfolio today.

Investing Simulator

Create your dream portfolio from Stocks, Metals, Cryptocurrencies and find out how much you would have made if you had invested years ago.

Investing Is Not Complex It Is Just Not Taught Well

The 3 min. micro courses of Elefant Academy will teach you both the old and new ways of investing in a fun and understandable way.


Let's Create Something
Amazing Together