New Generation Mobile Phone Insurance


Secure your mobile phone screen with just 11 TL per month. All you have to do is download the juno mobile app and complete the phone test, which takes less then 1 minute.

If your screen is broken or cracked, you can reach juno team on 0850 744 5866 & your phone will be picked, fixed and delivered back to you.

Juno is a roman goddess of marriage and birth. Equivalent to Hera in Greek mythology. Stately, beautiful woman. One of the little planets.

The “o” in the logo represents the eye, which protects Juno from all the external dangers. Being spirit animals as a peacock entails a story about Juno and her loyal guardian, hence empowering the bond between the insurance company and the user.

Take care of any problem related to your mobile phone directly from our mobile application. Check the notifications about the dammage and benefit from special discounts and advantages.

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